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Technical Support for Automatic Watches

Although there may be many reasons a watch may not be performing as it should it is usually not difficult to pin down the problem. Following are some simple techniques one can utilize to help zero in on a problem.

1) Allow the watch to come to a complete stop (unwind).
      Keep in mind that if the watch is still running, this may take a couple of days. It depends on the watch's power reserve.

2) Wind the watch manually (see manual). Wind the watch around 20-30 rotations of the crown.
      Please do not over wind the watch by stopping before reaching 40 rotations and/or you feel more then the usual tension.

3) Wear the watch constantly for at least 4 hours.
      We recommend 8 hours to allow the self winding to maximize. We want the watch to have enough power in it to last longer than the first 2 nights.

What to look for and pointers: